Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do you know who designed these?

In my recent inventory of my stash (see this post) I came across a bunch of canvases with unknown designers. Some of them have numbers (which brought me nothing on google). Please leave a comment or send me an e-mail if you know who designed them!

January 2010 Stitching Update

I used to be really good about setting needlework goals... then I finished all of my projects and thought stuff was all under control. Well, now it seems I'm starting more projects then I'm finishing! So I am going to re-inventory my stitching drawers and see what has snuck in.

Stitching Review - Here are the ones I have in progress:

Amanda Lawford - Royal Santa (huge)
Carlene Harwick - "Royal Wind" charted canvaswork design (Workshop-by-mail)
La-D-Da - Eve cross-stitch
Melissa Shirley - Easter Egg painted canvas - bunny with boat
Melissa Shirley - Easter Egg painted canvas - bunny at house
Needlepoint of Back Bay - Fruit Rug (Square 2 of 12) painted canvas with wool threads
Painted Canvas - unknown designer - Craftsman design (working on this as I buy the wool for the rug)
Summer Truswell own design - Sunshine & Shadow charted canvaswork
Summer Truswell own design - 1st house line-drawn canvas embroidery picture
Summer Truswell - purple gift box

Kitted and ready to go:

David McCaskill - By The Sea Line Drawn canvas +threads
Mirabilia - Sleeping Beauty (needs fabric)
Red Owl Stash - Cupcake Ornament (charted canvas +threads, etc)
Shepherd's Bush - Winter Dreams Sampler
ST - Moss Circles - needs canvas (Only stitching if class proposal is accepted)
ST - Drunkards Path - (only stitching if class proposal is accepted)
Summer Truswell - Whitework Ornament
Teresa Wentzler - Noah's Ark
Santa with Bears Christmas picture (kit)

Painted Canvases to be stitched: (no threads)

A Collection of Designs - Snowmen decorating tree star ornament (6" tall)
Amanda Lawford - Nutcracker Santa (18")
Amanda Lawford - Floral with black pillow
Blue Dogwood Designs (Kay Fite) - Ferry Ornament
Blue Dogwood Designs (Kay Fite) - Pike Place Ornament
Chameleon Design - Round "Hunt" pillow - 16" across?
Chameleon Design - Heart with Key pillow - 12" across?
Elizabeth Turner - Christmas Photo Frame
Mary Engelbreit - Christmas Heart ornament
Madeline Lake - Snowman
Madeline Lake - Blackbird
Madeline Lake - Sailboat
Madeline Lake - Rooster
Needlepoint of Back Bay - City Frog frame weight (large)
Needlepoint of Back Bay - Monkey eating fruit
Needlepoint of Back Bay - Celtic Knot
Needlepoint of Back Bay - Iris Four-Way
KS Designs - Washington Miniature Stocking Ornament (with whale doll)
Unknown designer - botanical fruits rectangle (for bolster?)
Unknown designer - Hanging ornaments
Unknown designer - Woman with boy and spyglass
Unknown designer - Paisley pillow
Unknown designer - sports cumberbund (to make into an ornament)
Unknown designer - stained glass egg #1
Unknown designer - Floral motif repeat
Unknown designer - stained glass egg #2
Unknown designer - phoenix egg

Ok, I will note that most of these painted canvases were bought in two places. The first was the "yard sale" at the ANG Milwaukee 2009 seminar, where they were selling for between $2 and $10 a canvas. The next is that I bought two lots off ebay. One was the entire Needlepoint of Back Bay Rug, and the other was the other Needlepoint of Back Bay lot.

Now, to think about upcoming goals. Usually I think things through the year, and then break it down into month, then week. This time I don't have anything that is truly pressing, so I will go ahead and set yearly goals, and then weekly goals.

I am also going to add something called "First Friday Finishing". The first Friday of every month I will devote entirely to finishing, by which I mean actually sewing up the pillow or ornament or whatever. It can be for my customers (no, I'm not accepting new customers, sorry), or for myself. This is brought upon by the fact that I have several dozen pieces that are stitched and unfinished. (Shhhhhh)

I also want to get back to stitching an ornament a month - these can be painted canvases or charted, whatever. Just as long as I get that wee happy dance in!

2010 Goals: Keep up with the MTP program. Finish Melissa Shirley egg works-in-progress. Make progress on all other works-in-progress. Finish Eve UFO.

February Goals: Finish Royal Wind.

March Goals: Finish both Melissa Shirley Easter egg work-in-progress canvases.

2011 Goals: Finish MTP Program, receive Journeyman and Fellow levels. Finish large Royal Santa.
2012 Goals: Teach final class at MTP, receive Master level.

There! I feel more organized already!

New Book: "The Stitch Starts Here"

I’m happy to announce the release of my latest book, “The Stitch Starts Here”.

"The Stitch Starts Here" is a collection of Summer's favorite stitches for canvaswork, samplers, heirloom sewing, and embroidery.

The book includes over 130 of my favorite stitches, along with tips and techniques to make your stitching better, faster.

"The Stitch Starts Here” is available in three different formats:

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