Sunday, November 13, 2011

Volume in Scraps by Emily Cier finished...

This is based on "Volume in Scraps" from Scrap Republic by Emily Cier.  Her quilt in the book is a lot smaller, so I made 25 columns of 4.5" strips.  They are 104" long and it is just over 100" wide.  Also, since I had loads of fabric and wasn't making scraps, I pieced my color families as she suggests and then chopped and pieced the strips - I didn't need the shorter strips together.  Mine's not as blended as the original but I really like it.  Since this is the backing for "Lollypop Trees", which measures 94" square, the edges of this quilt will end up being cut off.  This took a solid week to piece - I listened to The Coral Thief (great!) and The Cave Girl (ridiculous!) while piecing it.

I'm now going to make a tuffet!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Finished my Lollypop Trees top...

I love it!  I had quite a mix of old and new Kaffe prints as I just kept buying and buying them.  It does measure square, I put it on the grass and photographed it off the deck so this is from 15' up.  I started mine in February and finished it last night.  

When I did the sashing I made pairs of blocks, then sewed pairs of pairs together without cutting between them.  I continued down the line and that was helpful in the sewing to sew multiple strips at a time.  I did pin the sashing strips to the quilts because I wanted it to line up exactly.  Offset corners would show up with the black.

These are my Kaffe fabrics I have left - most are 1/8 of a yard or so.  I am going to cut them into 4.5" width strips and make the backing out of them.  The design I am going to use is based on this one:

Volume in Scraps from Scrap Republic by Emily Cier.  Her quilt in the book is only about 60", I think, so I am making 15 columns of 4" strips which should come out to 100".  I might add another strip in there so the machine quilter will have enough of a backing.  

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.  I don't know when I'm going to make another Kim McLean quilt - I need to do this backing, then I have Lilly Pilly to make.