Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lollypop Trees All Done!

So excited.  :)

I replaced the original, windy pictures.  Thanks, Brad, for winning Survivor Kirkland and holding it up for so long to let me take pictures.

Longarm machine quilting was done by Catherine Kessel in Marysville of American Quiltworks.  Quilting details:

Edited 4-26-12 - Just learned today that Faye Burgos is the designer of the black Marcus Brothers fabric I used throughout the design. Thank you to her for such a lovely fabric!

Some comments from facebook:

Jane Monk Gorgeous.

Pia Merete Hansen Beautiful lovely ... My daughter have asked me to make one for her in black also .... one day! smile emoticon Presently I make Roseville Album.... smile emoticon

Kitty Sorgen So lovely, Summer! That was a lot of work!

Kathy Santos Awesome!!

Anne Schack Hejl WOW!!!

Kathleen MacAusland Schumacher Totally fun!!!

Kylie Kenny I am doing it but have not even finished one block! Beautiful job, by the way!

Annie Huzzard Morgan Quite an accomplishment!

Kathleen MacAusland Schumacher Your blog on this quilt is beautiful, Summer... I really enjoyed seeing the blocks individually, and your process... It is a major accomplishment. Extremely rewarding when finished, but a wonderful journey along the way to completion.

Lynn Browning Douglass This is stunning! I also enjoyed looking at your blog!

Anne Andersen Thank you so much for sharing. :-))

Rhianon Taylor I love everything about this quilt!!!

Olivia Kissner Bravo!

Donna Browne Savage Lovely!!!!!

Nancy G Johnson Leighton I have the pattern, now just to get started! Yours is beautiful!

Nancy G Johnson Leighton wow!! Beautiful quilting!! Thanks for sharing! Inspires me to get going on mine

Helle Thode pretty