Friday, March 28, 2014

Fire & Ice Broken Star Double-Sided Quilt...

"Fire & Ice"

This broken star pattern is by Cheryl Malkowski.  It is from her "Blocks to Diamonds" book.  I used batiks for the star pieces on the front and the black is from Faye Burgos.  

I did the quilting on this quilt.  It measures 71" square.

I have a lot of scraps in these colors, so I put them together to make the back!  The zig-zaggy parts were leftover from the edge on the Zig Zag Quilt.  Took me two years to use them!

Bali Wedding Star Quilt Completed...

"Bali Wedding Star" 

pattern is by Judy Niemeyer.  I picked the colors myself - I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  The double wedding ring (not this pattern) was the very first quilt I ever attempted and I never finished that first quilt.  I actually ended up throwing it away!  So I'm happy to have crossed a Wedding Ring quilt off my bucket list.  

In continuing my theme of photographing my quilts at my favorite places, here is the quilt at the Everett Arboretum.  It's a lovely garden in North Everett close to Jetty Island.  

The rings are batik fabric and the black is my favorite black from Faye Burgos that I also used in Lollypop Trees.  I did do the quilting myself.  

Also sharing, because I think people might get a kick out of it, that this is how I photograph my quilts.  I have no walls big enough to do it inside.  It measures 83" x 85".

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ribbon Quilt

Lindsey and I holding up the quilt that I made using all of Lindsey’s swimming ribbons.  Lindsey formerly swam for Lake Stevens Swim Club (PNS) and is now an Age Group Coach for Gold’s Aquatics Club (PNS).  I ama parent to three children on Gold’s and also a USA Swimming Official Starter.  I love my kids' coaches!