Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grand ideas...

This post could also be called “It’s on my list”. In an effort to keep organized (and stop forgetting stuff) I have a mid-sized spiral notebook with divided sections and an elastic band closure. This book is “my list”. I keep my calendar in Outlook, which transfers into my phone, so the list is to write stuff down that I need to do but not necessarily right this minute.

Any time someone says something like “Hey, you need to mow the lawn.” or “Wow, when are you going to have Diana clean the back glass door?” or “Did you schedule the kids for swimming yet?” or “Did you mail my car tab renewal?” I can simply say “It’s on my list.” This doesn’t mean it will get done that day, or that week, or in some cases, ever. BUT, I have written it down and released it from my mind and it now is something I can plan towards. (Thanks to Brad for all those helpful suggestions above, by the way.)

Occasionally I rewrite the list as items have been crossed off to keep it clear and focused. I did this last night. Some examples:

Finish spackle and paint back patch by door
Clean playroom. Repaint small bedrooms.
Look for girl’s choir for Victoria
Call insurance co and see if they mailed check
Mail Brad car emission and tag check
Check dates for ANG Milwaukee, plan route

You can see how important some and how some of them likely won’t be finished until we sell the house in oh, three years. Mainly repainting anything. What’s the point when it’s just going to end up covered in fresh chips and crayon scribbles?

Also in my book I keep a list of finishing as I receive it and when they want it back. This list changes fairly often but it helps to keep things there at a glance so I don’t miss people’s deadlines.

Lastly in my book is an ongoing list with little design scribbles for new needlework designs that I want to complete. All of my recent work has been for the Master Teacher Program so there will be quite the update to my website when I finish in three years! :-)

Today we’re off to pick marionberries. I picked 20 pounds of blueberries last week and hopefully will get lots of marionberries this week! Blackberries should be ready in another few weeks. Very exciting. After that I’m helping a neighbor plan out two new garden beds and also do some decluttering. Very exciting.

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