Sunday, April 12, 2009

PNB's "Swan Lake"...

I took the girls to see "Swan Lake" yesterday down at Pacific Northwest Ballet. It was lovely... I loved the swans! What a beautiful production. Not at all like this. (Although the girls would have appreciated more humor.) Victoria was pretty sad at the end... although I knew the story once I'd forgotten that he is alone at the end. Barbie did a disservice when they changed the ending!

I did mention I took both girls with me. It was more of a challenge. They're both well behaved but it requires a lot of my attention and I don't think I want to deal with that every time. Victoria likes more contemporary dance, of which PNB does quite a bit, and Madeline liked Broadway Festival (loved it actually). They were both interested in Swan Lake but Madeline did fall asleep halfway through the third act. So, I don't know who to take to the next one. It's director's choice, which is probably code for "Peter likes the unusual", so we'll see.

The music was wonderful. Victoria sang it the rest of the evening. We already have the CD
so I'm glad she likes it!

In the meantime I haven't been doing a lot. I made the girls some spring dresses on Saturday and we went to the zoo Friday. I have a ton of Master Teacher stuff waiting to get finished and mailed. I taught the Iris at our guild on Thursday. Through it all I'm fighting off allergies and waiting for the weather to warm up so I can plant my fuchsia starts. Madeline's favorite book right now is Fuchsia Is Now.

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