Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Needlework: From Stitch to Finish" once again available...

Just a quick note with some good news. 

*** My last finishing book, “Needlework: From Stitch to Finish” is once again available. ***

 “Needlework: From Stitch to Finish”, as a black-and-white printed, soft-bound book, at Lulu
This is the way the book was originally published.  I was able to lower the price as the publisher charges less for black-and-white.

 “Needlework: From Stitch to Finish”, as an instant, full color download, at Lulu.The download is the same file, just in full-color.  You can keep on your computer or print out the pages you need and put them in a binder. 

“Needlework: From Stitch to Finish”, as a full-color, soft-bound book, at Lulu.
Again, this is the same book, in full color.  The price is more because of the color printing. 

Thank you, dear needlework friends, for your support.

***Some of you may remember what happened – I had three computer crashes in a row, losing lots of information and many design files.  The back-up disk in the safe deposit box was corrupted.  I couldn’t find my third backup.  Well, over a year later, I found the third disk!  The book is complete and I was able to quickly upload it to the publisher as all the “pre-work” had already been done; it was just the actual file missing.

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