Friday, June 24, 2011

Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop 2011

Thoroughly enjoyed myself this year.  I took the children to loads of different shops, this time starting at the southern border of our state, and it was really a lot of fun.  Here is a photo of the completed quilt (mine won't look like this, but it's neat to see.)

Here are the photos of the block samples I was given.  I think I missed a couple pictures in the stores.  Victoria is 10 (!) so she also got a set of blocks.  So our quilt will have two of each block.

The other advantage, of course, is traveling to lots of different shops that you may not get into again.  When will I ever be in Centralia again?  Although I did love Sisters in Chehalis!  

I took a few pictures of quilts I really love.  I'm usually a one or two project at a time person, so I'll just add these to my inspirational wishlist.  

Buggy Barn Santa/Christmas Tree Quilt.  I love their patterns!

I love the color scheme on this one - I think I could make this fairly easily.

I've never made anything with batiks, but I love the colors in this one.  Another simple beauty.

A neat way to use scraps, too - this would be a great layout for an I Spy quilt, too.


This one is so cute - lots of little yo-yos.

Victoria loved this one.

So blurry on this one - I love the layouts and it looks like a lot of Kaffe fabrics.  I might make something similar after Lollypop trees is completed.  The blue is actually white in person.

And I loved this one so much I bought it.  :)  It was on clearance, as well!

The final haul:
It looks kind of disjointed - the kit for the stripy quilt, then at the top center is three pieces for the Sampler House quilt WIP, at the far right are Kaffe fabrics for Lollypop trees, and the other two fat quarters are for stash.  A good year!

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