Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home quilt #1

Home Sweet Home

I started this quilt a few years back.  I saw a model finished up in the quilt store in Kelowna and bought the book because it was so beautiful.  It is called Home Sweet Home and was written by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.  I cross-stitched for many years and Blackbird Designs was well known to me.  I had not known that they did quilting designs as well.  The book itself has several quilting patterns that I plan on making in addition to the Home Sweet Home quilt.  I just need more hours in the day!  I also really like the "lifestyle" chapters where they visit a friend's home and show how they decorated for different holidays.  Lots of beautiful things there.  I've read it several times - it's like a beautiful magazine you look at again and again.

Anyway, I digress.  I started the quilt with raw-edge applique using blanket stitch on my machine to stitch them down.  I thought they looked great, and made four blocks.  Then I got distracted with Lollypop Trees, which I worked in needleturn applique, and realized I wanted to work Home Sweet Home in needleturn applique.  I made one block with needleturn, realized that it wouldn't look like the others, and set it aside.  I decided to finish up these four blocks into one smaller quilt.  I'm labeling it #1 because I am going to work #2 quilt someday!

Other designs from the book are pictured below.  Isn't it beautiful?




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Needles, Beads and Threads said...

I discovered you by clicking on someone else's blog, I am very happy I did. I love your "Home Sweet Home" quilt, I am making an embroidered house with the same tittle and I thought you might be oding the same thing.
Some time ago, I made a lot of houses for a quilt and there they sit in a basket. I whould take them out and do something beautiful like you did, However, my houses are not as fancy as yours. Thank you for sharing.