Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Colourful Quilt / Over & Under Variation Quilt Finished...

I finished "The Colourful Quilt" this last week.  It is designed by Jacqueline de Jonge and is paper pieced.  I did it with black instead of limey-green batik.  It measures about 50" square.  The back is a variation of the Over & Under quilt design from Quilt Sampler Fall 2011 magazine (Deb Burton).   It is photographed at a gorgeous beach - Picnic Point in Edmonds on the Puget Sound.

This quilt was my first time using batik fabrics so that was kind of fun to not really worry about right side/wrong side.  I did end up using several needles throughout the top when usually 1-2 per top is fine.  I did the quilting using overdyed cotton threads for the background stuff and shiny rayon on the colored pieces.  

It won a Blue Ribbon at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe 2013 (99/100 points!) I was thrilled!

Thanks to Susan for taking a picture of me with the quilt!  This is at one of my favorite shops - Gathering Fabric in Woodinville.  


Teresa S. said...

Beautiful quilt, Summer.
Both sides!

Bregida Snijder said...

What a stunning quilt you've made! The colors are amazing and wonderful. You really deserved to win!
Thank you so much for showing this beautiful quilt! And thank you for pinning it :)
That's were I found this picture, and I'ld like to ask you if you want to share this beauty and a little 'making-of' story on our Facebook page.
we really would love that. Pictures like these inspire a lot of quilters!
Love, Bridget - FB manager BeColourful