Thursday, September 11, 2008

General life-y-ness (mostly needlework)

First off, Happy Birthday, Luke! Hope you enjoyed the song.
If only my life could *entirely* revolve around needlework. Sigh!

The border on Twister is coming along SLOWLY. It’s already the 11th and I’m only half-way done. At this rate it will be the 20th before it’s complete and my other master plans of stitching everything in my stash goals will be shot. Although for this month the only other thing I haven’t done is work on my MTP and I guess I’ve been doing that. Well, I haven’t actually DONE anything, but I’ve been planning out next steps and that is the important part. I’ve been in contact with my proctor and am waiting for some clarification before I get moving. I also requested books from the library on things I need to research to move along… I’d rather be in the “waiting for information” zone than the “waking up at four in the morning and remembering something due that week” zone.

Tonight is my guild meeting. I have some little finished Pat Mazu stockings for one of the ladies (will post pictures some time although they look the the loads of others I’ve done for her) and we are also mailing off Oriental Poppies. We’re starting a new Pat Mazu mini stocking (ah the irony) and I still have to cut canvas and pull threads for that…. at some point I should feed the children dinner.

There is a contemporary quilt artist guild in Seattle. They meet monthly and their next meeting is Saturday. I have it on my calendar and would love to visit to see if it would be a fit, but I don’t know how Brad will feel about my joining another guild. I don’t intend to start more projects but would love to learn more. If I could bring Victoria I think it would be ok. :) She loves to sew but I haven’t been brave enough to let her run the machine yet. Visions of the emergency room and all that. I still have my old Kenmore so it’s not an issue of my worry that she’ll break the machine.

Speaking of getting things done, the above mentioned book is very interesting. I added greatly to my files and went through my master list and updated it with next actions. Exciting stuff.

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