Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting ready...

About 10 days ago I made the yummy Cappucino Pecan Nuggets that I make yearly. I packed up lovely boxes and gave them to friends. Brad and I inhaled at least a dozen (each!) On Thursday I had a small Christmas party for the homeschool friends at our house. The kids did crafts and played... and Crystal asked me what happened to the chocolates. Oops! I usually give some to her every year.

So, last night I made another batch, this time just one batch. I'll pack up most of these for neighbor gifts, some for Crystal, and hopefully will still have at least 4-6 on Christmas day for Hallie and Greg (sister-in-law and her husband). :-) Because I *can't* make another batch.

I've gained 8 pounds this last month. EIGHT pounds! Now, I try not to freak out about weight... I know that women range five pounds on average. But, when pants are shrinking and one has nothing to wear... one needs to lay off the chocolate. And perhaps start exercising again?
  • Saturday I went to the gym and did 55 minutes of running, weights, and stairclimber.
  • Sunday we had too much snow so I found the Fitness TV category on comcast and did 10 minutes of yoga, 10 minutes of legs and bum, and 20 minutes of cardio.
  • Monday I was sore so I did stretches.
  • Tuesday, this morning, I did 10 minutes of yoga and 25 minutes of combination weight, cardio, ab. Again, on Fitness TV. I enjoy the yoga but my balance is terrible (I get vertigo intermittently probably due to recurring middle ear infections.)
I feel better than I did last week... so if I keep it up perhaps my pants won't get tighter through the holidays and I'll be able to slim back down to my normal weight before we go to Utah in April. Because have you *seen* my sisters-in-law? They all have kids, too, so it's not comparing apples to oranges.

Anyway, in stitching news I am still working on Royal Santa. I've almost finished up the blue and will take a picture when I do so. I am mailing off my Master Teacher stuff today and when I get approval on those line drawings I will switch over to stitching on that. I have two sizeable projects to stitch before July so it's good I stitch fast. :0

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