Monday, December 29, 2008

Blog testing...

Ok - ALL that work just to add a Category area on the right. Whew!

The gist is I can't have an auto-updated labels area because I host my own blog while using blogger software. I figured out a workaround, which is basically adding links to the categories I want to highlight. People can also use the above "search" bar if they want to read about something in particular.

What a pain. Hours of wasted stitching time. *sigh*


Divya said...

hey nice redesign

Divya said...

Hi Summer,
Jessy saw your gripe and I did some quick investigation. Well, it turns out that you can use your own domain and still host the content on blogspot.

If you do this, all the categories etc, will be auto updated - giving you many more hours of happy stitching time!

Send Jessy an email, in case you want me to help you set this up (should take about 15-20 mins)


Val said...

Hi Summer,
I've enjoyed viewing your lovely designs. Thanks for visiting my blog too.
We share the same Ellens' middle name - your greatgran and my gran.
Best wishes for 2009!