Monday, March 1, 2010

February Stitching Review

February Stitching Review

Finished in February:
Carlene Harwick - "Royal Wind" charted canvaswork design (Workshop-by-mail)
Melissa Shirley - Easter Egg painted canvas - bunny with boat
Melissa Shirley -
Easter Egg painted canvas - bunny at house

Here are the ones I have in progress:

Amanda Lawford - Royal Santa (huge)
David McCaskill - By The Sea Line Drawn canvas +threads (Started Feb 2010)
La-D-Da - Eve cross-stitch
KS Designs - Washington Miniature Stocking Ornament (with whale doll) (Started Feb. 2010 as car project)
Needlepoint of Back Bay - Fruit Rug (Square 2 of 12) painted canvas with wool threads
Painted Canvas - unknown designer -
Craftsman design (working on this as I buy the wool for the rug) (Started August 2009)
Summer Truswell own design - Sunshine & Shadow charted canvaswork
Summer Truswell own design - 1st house line-drawn canvas embroidery picture
Summer Truswell - purple gift box

Kitted and ready to go:

Mirabilia - Sleeping Beauty (needs fabric)
Red Owl Stash - Cupcake Ornament (charted canvas +threads, etc)
Shepherd's Bush - Winter Dreams Sampler
ST - Moss Circles - needs canvas (Only stitching if class proposal is accepted)
ST - Drunkards Path - (only stitching if class proposal is accepted)
Summer Truswell - Whitework Ornament
Teresa Wentzler - Noah's Ark
Santa with Bears Christmas picture (kit)

Painted Canvases to be stitched: (no threads)

A Collection of Designs - Snowmen decorating tree star ornament (6" tall)
Amanda Lawford - Nutcracker Santa (18")
Amanda Lawford - Floral with black pillow
Blue Dogwood Designs (Kay Fite) - Ferry Ornament
Blue Dogwood Designs (Kay Fite) - Pike Place Ornament
Chameleon Design - Round "Hunt" pillow - 16" across?
Chameleon Design - Heart with Key pillow - 12" across?
Elizabeth Turner - Christmas Photo Frame
Mary Engelbreit - Christmas Heart ornament
Madeline Lake - Snowman
Madeline Lake - Blackbird
Madeline Lake - Sailboat
Madeline Lake - Rooster
Needlepoint of Back Bay - City Frog frame weight (large)
Needlepoint of Back Bay - Monkey eating fruit
Needlepoint of Back Bay - Celtic Knot
Needlepoint of Back Bay - Iris Four-Way
Unknown designer -
botanical fruits rectangle (for bolster?)
Unknown designer -
Hanging ornaments
Unknown designer -
Woman with boy and spyglass
Unknown designer -
Paisley pillow
Unknown designer - sports cumberbund (to make into an ornament)
Unknown designer -
stained glass egg #1
Unknown designer -
Floral motif repeat
Unknown designer -
stained glass egg #2
Unknown designer - phoenix egg

2010 Goals: Keep up with the MTP program. Finish Melissa Shirley egg works-in-progress. Make progress on all other works-in-progress. Finish Eve UFO.

February Goals:
Finish Royal Wind.

March Goals:
Finish both Melissa Shirley Easter egg work-in-progress canvases. Since I finished those in February, here are new goals

March Goals: Progress on canvases: David McCaskill "By the Sea", Washington Whale Stocking. Catch up on finishing. Progress on Eve.

2011 Goals: Finish MTP Program, receive Journeyman and Fellow levels. Finish large Royal Santa.

2012 Goals: Teach final class at MTP, receive Master level.

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