Friday, September 3, 2010

Some Christmas stitching...

I usually try to stitch 12 ornaments a year.  I'm behind!  Behind on finishing, too!

These are all from the 1998 Just Cross-Stitch Ornament Issue.  I'm clearing through my stash and getting stuff done.

"Joy!" by Bent Creek.

by Birds of a Feather.  Not sure if I will put this in a little frame or finish as an ornament.

"Christmas Star" by Emie Bishop of Cross 'N Patch.

by Darleen O'Steen of The Needle's Prayse.  Again, not sure if I will frame this one.

"Christmas Eve Ornament" by Graphs by Barbara and Cheryl.

"Woodland Noel" by Heart in Hand Needleart. 

"Star of Wonder" by Thirteenth Colony.  Solid stitching with beads!

Lastly is one of the Mill Hill bead and stitch kits.  It is called Victorian Tree and is stitched on perforated paper.  I finished it with a chenille thread trim and backed with passion suede.

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