Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Flower Needlepoint Pillow Stitched and Finished.

This is another pillow for me.  I purchased this canvas at a guild meeting years and years ago.  I have been slowly working my way through all my unfinished projects and am down to only a few. The tag says "From the Collection of the Women's Educational & Industrial Union.  Boston, Massachusetts, Est. 1877".  I believe they used to sell needlepoint yarn and canvases but am not sure if the design is from a reproduction in their collection (which is what I was told when I bought it) or if they used to sell other designer's canvases.  Either way, it's a lovely piece.  If you happen to know who the designer is please let me know!

I knew I wanted this for a pillow so I used basketweave throughout.  I stitched all the background in cream wool (Appleton, with one ply of the four pulled out so it wasn't too tight) and then all the flowers and ribbons are stitched in silk fibers from my stash.

I used a bronze ribbon, striped ribbon, and two trims around the edge.  I love these colors!  It's a pretty good size - maybe 22" across?  The backing is a heavy woven dot that I used on another pillow (the standing lion pillow).


Gigi Pereira said...

I am a quilter and recently found your blog - I have it bookmarked and really enjoy it. I also do needlepoint and have sooo may canvases done, but have no idea how to finish them into pillows. Yours are absolutely lovely! Would you ever consider doing a tutorial on finishing needlepoint pillows?

Gigi Pereira said...

...annnnd so please disregard my previous comment, as I just found your book and will be downloading it later today. Wonderful!