Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hashtag Quilt

48" x 12" (unfinished)
photographed at Victor Steinbrueck Park in Seattle

The Hashtag is a way for people to communicate content in a clear way by creating searches through categories.   People are using instagram and twitter as a way to communicate outside the normal realm of newspapers or television news in a way that isn’t delayed by print deadlines. 

With this increased access to news, I learned about the sheer quantity of black lives that are killed unnecessarily by police or other authority figures.  Many are teens, many might have been criminals.  All are sad stories and some are truly heartbreaking.  I made this quilt as a way to process my sadness at so many senseless deaths.  Awareness is being raised but the conversation needs to continue about how we can make these killings stop.

Originally, I planned on leaving the bottom edges raw so if needed I could add more names to my memorial quilt, but instead I finished the quilt in the hopes I will not have to add any more names.  (I wrote this description in March 2015.  I'm truly heartbroken that I have to add more names.)

You can search for more information using hashtags on twitter, instagram, or facebook.  Or do an internet search with someone’s name and shooting and it will pull up articles.   By no means is this a complete list. 

Alonzo Ashley
Amadou Diallo
Angelo Clark
Bo Morrison
Christopher Kissane
Dante Parker
Dante Price
Duane Brown
Eric Garner
Ervin Jefferson
Ezell Ford
James Brissette
Jersey Green
John Crawford
Johnnie Kamahi Warren
Justin Sipp
Kendrec McDade
Kimani Gray
Malissa Williams
Manuel Loggins Jr
Marquez Smart
Melvin Lawhorn
Michael Brown
Michael Lembhard
Miriam Carey
Name Withheld  (Child)
Nehemiah Dillard
Orlando Barlow
Oscar Grant
Ousmane Zongo
Patrick Dorismond
Ramarley Graham
Raymond Allen
Rekia Boyd
Robert Dumas Jr.
Ronald Madison
Sean Bell
Sheron Jackson
Stephon Watts
Steven Eugene Washington
Tamir Rice
Tanisha Anderson
Tendai Nhekairo
Timothy Russell
Timothy Stansbury Jr.
Travares McGill
Trayvon Martin
Victor Steen
Wendell Allen

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