Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swim Meet - Spring Grand Pentathlon

Saturday the 21st Victoria had a swim meet up in Marysville. She'd been sick all week so we thought she would be slower. Anyway, here are her times from that meet.

Event Time

8 & U 25 Y Freestyle 28:21 *new fast time*
8 & U 25 Y Backstroke 29:64 *new fast time*
8 & U 25 Y Breaststroke (DQ'ed)
8 & U 25 Y Butterfly (DQ'ed)
10 & U 100 Y Individual Medley (DQ'ed)

You can see she gave it her all and then was too tired and got sloppy with strokes, thus disqualifying. She's funny, though. No one has told her what the arm raise means so she just swims her little heart out. Then asks for more peanut butter crackers. :)

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