Friday, March 6, 2009

Two more purses...

My friend Crystal saw the lime green purse and really wanted one of her own... so that one belongs to her now. :) She also wanted to make some for her mom and mother-in-law for upcoming mother's day. She has never sewn before so we did a basic sewing lesson in which we made two purses and plan on making a few more.

This one is teal blue with purple and pink beads. The trims are so gorgeous! The ribbon is ruched in the center and woven on the edges. We used purple silk dupioni to attach the black handles. It's very striking.

This purse is printed cotton with a solid lining. The woven ribbon is layered over the bead trim. There are little green beads over the pink buttons.

Yay Crystal! You weren't interested in quilting, sewing clothes, sewing curtains, pillows, cross-stitch or needlepoint. But I got you with purses!!! :-)

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