Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Travis!

I cannot believe you are three today! Surely you were just born... You are such a big boy now - running and jumping. You can count to twelve and sing about half the alphabet. You love to play with your sisters and would follow Madeline anywhere.

I made you a really fun cake today. About 20 cupcakes were arranged in the shape of a football and frosted as one, with chocolate frosting and white stripes for the ends and laces. It even said "Happy 3rd, Travis" Of course, I'm not sure if you actually looked at it when you snuck into the kitchen and went wild in the frosting. When you then cleaned your hands of the frosting all over the bedroom carpet, whee!

May this year be the year of less messes and more "listening to Mama". You sneak into the kitchen and thus I've cleaned up countless eggs, spilled gallons of milk, orange juice, ice, flour, vanilla, pasta, syrup, and sugar. The vanilla on the carpet was the worst, suprisingly. We won't discuss non-foodstuffs.

Anyway, happy birthday, baby boy.


Heather said...

Summer--I found you!! I have a little boy named Ryan that will be turning 3 in July. When we live by each other again they can be buds. Sheesh. I can't believe all the projects you've finished. You're amazing!! Heather Salisbury

Summer said...

Oh my Heather! How have you been??? My e-mail is - please send me an e-mail so we can catch up. :)