Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Royal Santa by Amanda Lawford #5

Quite a bit of stitching has been going on with this beautiful piece!

Right now I'm working on the jester. He's primarily in basketweave.

I finished the knight to the left of Santa's shoulder. All I could think while stitching him was various Monty Python songs. The plume is in Rainbow Gallery Very Velvet and Medici Wool. The feather is Medici Wool. The knight's armor is stitched in Kreinik metallic threads.

The belt buckle is comprised entirely of size 14 seed beads in six different colors. It is framed in gold metallic thread. The belt is long stitches laid in lighter Anchor threads.

The bottom of the coat is stitched in oh, goodness, what's that stitch called... Cashmere stitch.

The opening of the cloak is stitched in the same way. Note how blending the colors in the needle gives a completely different look in shading.

Right mitten - stitched in Silk N Ivory with Encroaching Gobelin.

Left mitten, same stitch reversed, same thread.


NCPat said...

Summer, this is wonderful! I also love how you are working the tassel!

Missy Ann said...

That is so beautiful!!!!!!!