Thursday, January 22, 2009

I do love to be organized...

I just bought some great new food storage trays. Likely it is because of my Utah upbringing that I feel the *need* to horde food. If I have it, at least I can keep it nicely organized and now it will auto-rotate as the cans roll down and to the front! :)

They have them on Amazon (where I originally saw them) in this model and a this is the one I almost bought - BUT, I found them at Costco and so bought them there. They're $22 in store and $30 ($60 for a two pack) with free shipping online. A bit of a pain to put together but it's done! :)

Thanks for the positive thoughts and e-mails on the CD. I'm going to hold onto it for now and just revisit it when I'm mentally ready.

Also, yes, I use a laying tool when stitching. I don't lay stitches if it's just one thread unless it's a flat thread like Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays or some of the metallic threads.

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Hallie said...

omg summer!! you crack me up. this looks like a very organized grocery store. :-)

i'm just catching up on your blog. i'm so sorry that you lost all that information. argh! your description of it almost made me weep. i'm glad madeline's growth plates weren't damaged - ow! happy belated birthday travis! yay to victoria for being on swim team. swimmers rock!

talk to you guys soon.