Friday, January 16, 2009

Life marching onwards...

I've been busy, but not overwhelmingly so. Just the continued shedule after a nice break for the holidays. The girls have their few activities - Victoria will "graduate" from speech therapy this week - yay! Madeline will continue onwards and will go for one hour instead of 45 minutes.

We've been consistent with their lessons as well so that keeps us busy. We started a Logic program with Victoria this week; she thinks it's "fun" and I suppose it would be. Like the child needs more lessons in how to argue.

I've been doing a bit more odds and ends for people. This week I made curtains for a neighbors' living room and I've been doing some Outlook work for another person. I like the odds and ends - they get me out of the house and bring in some small income. I have a few finishing projects I need to get completed and I'm hoping my Master Teacher stuff will get back soon so I can get stitching on that. I have another line drawing I need to submit as well....

We went to the zoo today and it was *supposed* to be in the low 50's. It was absolutely frigid. Bleh. Better cold than snow, though! The animals were out and about but we went through the insect and reptile houses where it was nice and warm.

Yesterday was book report lunch. Madeline showed her bead fusing craft that she made. Victoria presented a two-page report about Bill and Hillary Clinton. She did a great job. She loves to learn about the US Presidents and devours pretty much any biography at the library. I'm thrilled that they gave them their own [large] section. She also likes to read about the first ladies and of course leaders from other countries or from history, ie Constantine, etc.

I went to a presentation on Tuesday night about homeschooling through high school and how, in addition to the bookwork done with textbooks or in science classes, you keep track of the time and effort your child spends on independent interests. Therefore since Victoria spends at least 5 hours a week reading about the presidents after 8 months I could say she earned 1 credit on U.S. Politics. ;-) Studying the Egyptians for months at a time like Madeline does would be Ancient Egyptian History. It was a fun presentation - of course some of the laws will be varied slightly by the time we get to that stage but in truth she will need a transcript in, oh 7 years. She's over half way there! ;-)

Anyway, tonight I have a headache so I'm going to play Playmobil with the kids and perhaps stitch a bit later. Tomorrow I'm going to a client's house to help her type and format a personal cookbook. Fun! :)

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