Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am NOT sick...

But I have been fighting getting sick. My mother and dad arrived on Friday night. We went to Anthony's for dinner. I've been here 10 years now and had never been there. Diane and I had recently had a conversation about it (something about tourist trap and how locals don't go there) so I figured we should get the tourists to go. :) It was really very good! Madeline and Victoria were with us and they were pretty well behaved especially considering how late we were there.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at home and all drove out to Snoqualmie Falls. Travis was with mother and I and Madeline proceeded to scare us all to death when she ran away from Brad "towards me" and went the wrong way. No harm done but it was nerve-wrecking. Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant in downtown Snoqualmie - all the "cute cafes" don't have seating for seven. We looked at the trains but didn't go into the museum as it was absolutely freezing. We picked up yummy Chinese that night for dinner - they have these candied walnut prawns that are sooo good and probably have 3000 calories in a serving.

On Sunday they went to church and once home we took a drive out to the Edmonds Ferry dock and park. That area is my Dad's favorite in Seattle. Again, it was freezing. The kids played in the cold sand and mom and I sat in the car while the boys had to chase them around. Too cold! We had Ivar's for lunch and Brad tried to get the three kidlets to sit at their own table - Ha! Much screeching ensued. I made a roast for dinner that night and a from-scratch apple pie. I make awesome pies but don't do it as often as I used to make them.

Monday I took both the parents and the girls to gymnastics. The girls did very well and listened, something that Madeline has been working on very hard. She's about ready to move up to the next level so we'll see what happens. We went to Third Place Books and I found a Robert Sambuda book I don't have - The 12 Days of Christmas. We then went home and picked up Brad, then drove down to Hot Iron, which is one of those restaurants where you bowl up your own stir fry and then it's cooked for you.

I left to girls at home for Brad to take them to swimming, then drove my parents and Travis down to the airport. We stopped in Seattle so they could buy some fudge for my brother, and also took a quick drive around the north end of capital hill so they could see the view from volunteer park and look at the conservatory. (From the outside, as my mom is allergic to pretty much all plants.) Travis fell asleep just about when we got to the airport and slept all the way home.

When we arrived home I think I slept through the next morning. I don't remember. I love my parents, but it's go, go, go and I've been so tired... Next time maybe we'll stay home more. :) I'm taking echinachea and elderberry juice and lots of vitamin C. I did go exercise yesterday and I felt better afterwards. Today I'm taking Victoria to ballet and then swimming so that will be restful.

Now I'm going to go make some coffee and do the dishes. The kids have lessons and I need to type up some stuff for MTP. Life marches onward!

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