Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Working on a new design...

No pictures with this, just thoughts.

One of the things I've learned thus far in the Master Teacher Program is that the way I've been designing is different then how they expect / want? it to be. It's not worse, or bad, just different. Ideas pop into my head and I do my best to get them quickly out and saved so they don't disappear. In the past I will draw out a very poorly done picture of what I want to end up with, then I stitch it up, or chart it out if it's cross-stitch so I could have a model stitcher do it. I'm not great with drawing on paper. Brad keeps saying I need to take drawing classes to help with my "perspective" so there you go.

One thing that I've been working on learning is how to create a really striking proposal of a design that you will be willing to teach at a seminar. The way I've worked is to create the design, then try to sell it. What I'm doing now is creating a line drawing, legend and sending that in to my proctor, then I get to stitch it. I feel like she's not going to get a good feeling about my designs based on my line drawings and thread samples. Did I mention my drawing skills?

I don't use crayons (anymore) and have moved onto colored pencils, which are more blendable, and I think watercolors would be even better for the colors. I haven't done watercolors for 10+ years though and I really don't have the room (or the $$) to add a whole 'nother facet of stash. Then you have to include thread samples and when there are thousands of colors of thread and only, say 36 pencils in your set, there is going to be a lacking in the picture sent in. I really see where the people at proposals have to take a leap of faith that it will be a stunning design. Take this example by Debbie Forney. It's a great proposal, not a finished project. Based on Debbie's other designs, you have to be pretty sure it's going to be a fantastic class.

So, that's what I've been working on today. I have the design in my head. I haven't drawn it out yet, because it will just be bad on paper. Instead I went to the Paper Zone and picked up some neat papers and am going to try and create the design with scissors, glue, and paper. I'll add details with paint pens and we'll see if I'm more happy with the result. Of course, my little add-on stitch sample is done, colors are loaded on the thread sample card, and I have a very clear vision of how the end product will look. If I were doing it on canvas I'd be done in three days. But drawing it out? That would take me excruciating HOURS.

On a constructive note, part of the continuing education requirement is that I take some classes on art technique. :) I found some neat looking classes and am registered for them later in the spring. Perhaps I'll be better at this next year. :)

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