Monday, February 2, 2009

PNB Balanchine's "Jewels"...

I took Victoria today to see the "Jewels" ballet at Pacific Northwest Ballet. I do love ballet! We had seen "Rubies" during "All Balanchine" last year but this was my first time seeing "Diamonds" and "Emeralds" in person. There - I'm all done with the quotation marks. :)

Of course, I love the costumes. Truly 8 times out of 10 I love the costumes! They were glittery and floaty and just fancy. Very fun.

The dancing was mixed for me - perhaps most of the regulars just had the day off but honestly I wasn't impressed with Emeralds. I couldn't figure out if one ballerina was 1/4 count fast or if the other ballerina was 1/4 count slow.

Rubies was fun - bright and fast and sharp.

Diamonds was very elegant - floating dancing with great solos. The ending was a big whoosh!

This was the first ballet we attended in which Victoria has ever fallen asleep. Anyway, the next one is "Broadway Hits" so that should be more exciting. :)

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