Sunday, February 8, 2009

Swim meet...

Today was Victoria's very first swim meet. She had a very fun time and did great - no false starts!

I want to have an easy way to track her progress so I'm posting her times. Don't consider this bragging - I have no idea what's good or bad and the important thing is that she learns to swim. :) These are the times she said the timer gave - I think I'll be able to see the actual times on the website in a couple days and will update then.

Event Time (if have) Place
8 & U 25 Y Freestyle 30.10 6
10 & U 200 Y Freestyle Relay 3:46:92
8 & U 25 Y Butterfly 33:37 34.38 2
10 & U 50 Y Freestyle 1:09.44
8 & U 25 Y Backstroke 35:44??? (DQ'ed)
8 & U 25 Y Breaststroke 35:59 (DQ'ed)

I, myself, and wiped out. The meet was in Bellingham and it was crowded and loud. It was fun, though, I do have a headache now. Probably from the chlorine smell and the noise. We went to Famous Dave's for dinner and it wasn't as good as I remembered the Milwaukee one being.

Tomorrow is gymnastics and more swimming. Brad's turn to take her!

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